Toyota-Mazda Partnership in the Works

Cooperation between automotive manufacturers isn’t exactly uncommon and the next partnership we could see may come from Toyota and Mazda. Reports indicate that a Toyota-Mazda partnership is in the works and both Japanese automakers announced a plan to cooperate in the long term last year. Now that partnership could finally be coming to fruition.

Both Mazda and Toyota have identified at least 10 segments that are perfect for cooperation and one of them could leave eco-conscious drivers raving. The development of an electric vehicle is on the table and given both automakers’ environmental records, it could revolutionize the segment.

While there isn’t much word on what a new electric vehicle would entail, it is a major highlight that has enthusiasts excited. That isn’t the only area the two automakers are planning to cooperate on.

Mazda has found great success with its line of Skyactiv engines. The Environmental Protection Agency noted that Mazda was the most fuel-efficient automaker in the United States, boasting a fleet-wide fuel economy performance of nearly 30 mpg. This is the fourth year in a row that Mazda has held the title without a hybrid or electric vehicle on its lineup.

The Toyota-Mazda partnership could also bring connected cars sooner rather than later. As technology changes, cooperation among automakers will become pertinent to keep up in the fast-paced industry.

We here at Hawk Mazda can’t wait to see what comes from a potential Toyota-Mazda partnership!

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