How Mazda Got Its Name

Mazda has an extensive and rich history, and it all starts with its name. So how did Mazda become Mazda?

A lot of historians say that the company’s name was taken from two sources. The first was “Ahura-Mazda,” a name with spiritual roots based on a Zoroastrian deity that was famous for its knowledge and wisdom. Mazda’s name is also derived from that of its founder, Jujiro Matsuda. He was supposedly a very spiritual man, so having a company simultaneously named after him and a deity seems fitting. Plus, “Mazda” is actually pronounced “Matsuda” in Japanese.

So that’s how Mazda got its name; but what about the logo? Unlike the name, which has stayed the same throughout the years, the logo has gone through quite a few iterations. The current Mazda symbol came in 1997, which includes the pattern of the 1936 logo—a rough representation of the city of Hiroshima—as well as the same outer circle featured in the 1991 logo.

Whatever Mazda’s origins, name or logo, we certainly love how far they’ve come since.

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