Mazda RX-Vision Awarded the Title of Most Beautiful Concept Vehicle

Hawks are known for their keen sight and precise vision. Here at Hawk Mazda, we’d like to think we have a similar vision and precision when it comes to selling Mazda vehicles. We know we have a brand that’s all about creating vehicles with key insights for customers, and a new announcement from Mazda only reinforces that fact.

According to a Mazda press release, the Mazda RX-Vision was awarded the title of most beautiful concept vehicle.

The title was awarded to the concept car during the 31st Festival Automobile International. This prestigious award is granted to the concept vehicle with the most breathtaking design and advanced features.

The Mazda RX-Vision fulfils both of these categories with flying colors! The proportions of the concept car have all been designed with optimal performance in mind. Indeed, the new RX-Vision captures the spirit of Mazda performance better than any single car that the brand has ever developed.

Keep a keen eye out for more news about the 2016 Mazda RX-Vision!

Mazda RX-Vision

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