The EPA Names Mazda the Most Fuel-Efficient Automaker in the United States

Mazda vehicles are known to be some of the sportiest cars around, thanks to the company’s Zoom-Zoom mentality. However, a recent report suggests they may soon be known as some of the most efficient vehicles around as well.

According to a Mazda press release, the EPA named Mazda the most fuel-efficient automaker in the United States.

The prestigious title comes straight out of an EPA report, which concluded that Mazda had the highest fleet-wide fuel economy and some of the lowest CO2 emissions.

This should come as no surprise to Mazda drivers, as the Mazda SKYACTIV technology has been saving drivers money at the gas pump for years.

“At Mazda, Driving Matters and so does fuel economy,“ said Jim O’Sullivan, president and CEO of Mazda North American Operations. “Using SKYACTIV Technology, Mazda has been able to achieve class-leading fuel efficiency in nearly every segment it competes in. This achievement verifies that Mazda has evolved to offer what others can’t, vehicles that are of high-quality, great looking, fun-to-drive and fuel efficient.“

For some of the most fun and most fuel efficient vehicles on the road, there’s no one better than Mazda.

Fuel-Efficient Automaker

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