Winter Car Preparation

It’s important to cover the maintenance basics for your car year round, otherwise you could end up with serious problems and repairs. Keeping your car up and running for most of the year is as easy as keeping up with your routine maintenance schedule. Doing so in winter is a little different. Here at Hawk Mazda, we have some winter car preparation tips to keep you on the road.

  1. Wiper Blades. Your windshield wipers are likely to suffer wear and tear throughout the year, and winter is the harshest of all the seasons. Ice and snow can tear away at the wipers, rendering them useless. Invest in rubber-clad, also known as winter, wipers to ensure you can keep your line of sight clear. Windshield washer solvent may also be of use if you find yourself in a hurry.
  2. Battery. Your battery is one of the most important parts of the car. While you should check it several times a year, winter is of special importance. The cold weather has a harsher effect on weak batteries. Examine yours for bulges, bumps, cuts, and leaks. If you find any, you need a replacement.
  3. Brakes. It takes longer to stop on icy and snowy roads. That means it will take more of your brake pads as well. If you’re pads are already low, it’s time for a fresh set.

Winter Car Preparation

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